In First Person

Обложка альбома In First Person.
  • Трек: Part I
  • Исполнитель (артист): In First Person
  • Длительность 1:10
  • Формат: mp3
  • Битрейт: 320kbps

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Видео клип "In First Person - Part I"

  • 7:38
    Mieczysław Weinberg
    Weinberg: The Idiot, Op. 144 - Act II Scene 4: The Prince is the first person in my entire life that I believed in!
  • 1:29
    In First Person
    An Enterprise That Requires New Clothes
  • 2:51
    First Person Shooter (2012 / Soundtracks For The Voices In My Head Vol. 02)
  • 3:41
    In First Person
    Joe Science
  • 3:36
    In First Person
    Deconstructing The I/IT
  • 4:42
    In First Person
    The Beast
  • 1:47
    In First Person
  • 3:52
    In First Person
    Alfred Hitchcock
  • 2:59
    In First Person
    Part II
  • 4:17
    In First Person
    ...And Time Is Running Out
  • 3:28
    In First Person
    5 Year Plan
  • 5:38
    In First Person
    En Sabah Nur
  • 3:04
    In First Person
    Kanye West Was Right
  • 3:59
    In First Person
    Item #14
  • 3:34
    In First Person
    As the Night Wore On
  • 0:42
    Surrogate Sigma
    First, the fractals of vulgarity transgress into biological instance; then it comes to a chamber; it becomes overthrown with bad literature transformed into the Bible, Roerichan esothericism and pneumatology; the horisontal gravity arises; a person trying to resist holds a column in a niche…
  • 1:36
    In First Person
    Shades Of Gray
  • 2:41
    In First Person
    Ely Manning
  • 3:23
    Life In The First Person (feat. Hawl Digg)
  • 2:55
    In First Person
    Donde Esta el Mundo? El Mundo Esta Aqui
  • 2:56
    This Year's Winner Is...
    First Base In Third Person
  • 0:53
    First Person Shooter (IN.EL.SO.)
  • 3:00
    In First Person
    Donde Esta El Mundo? El Mundo Esta Aqui
  • 6:56
    Johan Tralla, Steven Scheschareg, Людмила Слепнева, Bryan Boyce, Lars Moller, Bartosz Urbanowicz, Elzbieta Ardam, Anne-Theresa Moller
    Weinberg - The Idiot, Op. 144 - Act II Scene 4 - The Prince is the first person in my entire life that I believed in!